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    Hey, I'm Grace! I am a writer, creative, Jesus follower, and native to the greater Nashville area. Growing up, I was put into church choir at the age of 3 and then started musical theatre by the time I was 6 (so I've practically been in the whole “music scene” my entire life, whether I remember it or not).


    In fourth grade, I wrote my first song. Okay, it wasn't a full song. It was a mash-up of all these other mini songs I said I was going to write one day, but never did. Writing that song didn't make me any money (obviously- I was in fourth grade), but it did give me a passion- a passion to write. Since then, I've loved to write in any form: music, blogs, letters to stick in the mail, papers for English class (weird, I know)- anything that allowed me to have a voice and have someone listen. 


    Along with writing, music is a huge passion of mine. I have loved music since the day I was born, and I love anything and everything to do with it. I think music is powerful, connecting, and healing. I also love that music can bring people of all walks of life together- it’s truly incredible! 


    I took my passion for writing and my passion for music to college with me. I studied Music Business at MTSU with plans to work in creative publishing (aka working with songwriters and being their cheerleaders, because the songwriters are IMPORTANT). However, once I got into college, I quickly saw that the Lord had other plans for my life.


    During my junior year of college, I started interning with the worship ministry at my church that I served with. I quickly fell head-over-heels in love with working with this ministry and all the work that you get to do to glorify the Lord and honor His Kingdom. One thing led to another, and I found myself not wanting to leave working in ministry, or working at the church. Where had my passion for working in the music industry gone? I don’t know. All that I know Is that I graduated college in May 2021 and by July 2021, I was working full-time with the worship ministry at my church, and I absolutely loved it. 


    I’ve been working in vocational ministry for almost five years now, and it’s been the best journey I’ve been on so far. I get to work alongside pretty much all of my friends and we get to make a lot of exciting music and creations together! Yes, there are hard days, even weeks, but getting to do this work for the Lord using the gifts and passions He has given me makes all of that okay. 


    When I’m not working at church, you can typically find me at a local coffee shop, a concert, or having a movie or game night at my apartment with my friends. 


    Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet. Hope you find something you like or something that inspires you :)



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