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     Hey, I'm Grace! I am a writer, creative, and native to the greater Nashville area. Growing up, I was put into church choir at the age of 3 and then started musical theatre by the time I was 6 (so I've practically been in the whole “music scene” my entire life, whether I remember it or not). I think that creating strong visuals and exciting events for your company and clients is key to reaching your targeted audience and that it can be made EXCITING along the way!

     I am an MTSU graduate with a B.S. in Music Business, Recording Industry, and a minor in Mass Communications. During my college career, I have gotten the opportunity to help create many exciting projects and be a part of wonderful teams. I have served as Creative Director for AMP Entertainment on campus and volunteered at many music industry events (including CRS, CMA Awards, Americanafest, just to name a few!). Along with that, I have interned at Sandbox Entertainment and New Vision Baptist Church (worship ministry). I have gotten hands-on experience running and executing large events, as well as the chance to build relationships with many industry professionals. Currently, I work as the baptism coordinator and a student ministry worship leader at New Vision.


     I have a passion for helping others achieve their creative goals, and I love making sure their visions get showcased well! I have ample experience managing groups of people, social media accounts, and creating graphics and visuals for events and companies. I am very personable, creative, and goal-oriented. My goal is to help YOUR goal get met and in the best way possible! Creating events and excitement over your company, clients, and brand is what I love to do. There is so much power in experience, and I would love to help you create those experiences for your company and clients alike.



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