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20 Lessons I've Learned From Disney.

Wow. Okay, so first off, I am SO SORRY for not writing a post in practically two months! I've thought about writing a post, but then I just haven't been super interested in the "post topic" that I had in mind. Either I didn't know where to go with it or it just didn't interest me enough to actually motivate me to write it, so I would just decide to scratch the idea all together. But, I am finally back with a new post! Yay!

As many of you probably know, I am a HUGE Disney nerd. I love Disney & everything that has to do with Disney, whether it be the movies or the characters or the parks or even the food (if we're being completely honest here). So when I had the idea earlier this evening to make a post on what lessons Disney has taught me over the years, I thought, 'Why not?!' Disney has played such a vital role in my life ever since I was a little girl, and I'm sure that's the same for many of you reading this as well. For all of us, Disney taught us some very important things about life, so I decided that I would combine all (or at least a few!) of those lessons into a short little blog post:)

1. Looks can be deceiving.

2. Stereotypical, but don't judge a book by it's cover.

3. Your grandma RULES!

4. Friends make life fun!

5. Adventure is key.

6. Pictures are worth 1,000 words.

7. A dress can change your day...or life!

8. Animals make great sidekicks.

9. Go after your dream!

10. Love stories are beautiful!

11. Take time to listen.


13. Learn how to say, "I'm sorry".

14. Find magic in the little things!

15. EVERYONE can be a prince or princess!

16. Hakuna Matata is your life motto.

17. Nobody's perfect!

18. Express yourself!

19. Family is very important.

20. You are NEVER too old for Disney!!!

So there you have it, ladies & gents! 20 lessons I've learned from Disney. I hope you enjoyed this & that it maybe brought back some great memories for you. Have a magical day! -G

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