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Ah, social media, aka the world's biggest love-hate relationship. The internet can be a great way to keep up with family & friends, but it can also be the thing that keeps you looking like this (see below) to your screen 24/7.

Sure, you feel terrible that your second cousin's daughter keeps getting bad grades on her tests (even though she is only in the second grade), but do you REALLY have to get updates every other hour on how sick your neighbor's dog is? No. We also don't want to see 10,000 pictures of your salads from the same restaurant every single Monday night or 20,000 pictures of your cat. Let your computer see the files...where they should always stay...ALWAYS.

Here are 8 things people wish they could say if they were being 100%, completely honest on social media.

1. I want to unfollow you, but you're one of those people who'll bring it up if I do, so I won't.

We all know this person. It could be a co-worker, the kid who sits across the room from us in Math class, or even the person you always pass on aisle 7 in Kroger. However you know this person, two things are for sure: they're sensitive & they know as SOON as you unfollow them...and they want you to know that they know.

2. I was looking for one post from last month, but I ended up scrolling all the way back to 2011...

Oops. It happens...and you TOTALLY forgot about how they used to Instagram their coffee EVERY DAY! But now you remembered again. And you want to cry.

3. I didn't mean to like your post from 132 weeks ago, I swear!

You scramble to unlike it. Then you want to cry & bury your face under your pillow for a second. You try to tell yourself that it happens to everyone, but you still go back to make sure you unliked it...

4. I know you, but I don't "know" you. I only Instagram know you.

You followed me & I followed you back, but only because you're my best friend's friend. But now that I'm meeting you in person, this is more awkward than I originally thought it would be.

5. You don't look like that in real life...

I KNOW your foundation can't make your skin look THAT flawless & I'm pretty sure your eyes were green & not purple.

6. how much time did you spend on FaceTune before you posted this selfie?

I'm not judging. You do you. But at least keep your eyes the same color...and make sure your eyeshadow isn't pixelated glitter next time, please.

7. I only remembered your birthday because Facebook reminded me of it.

But thanks to Facebook, I just remembered AND I posted "Happy birthday!" on your wall. So I would consider this a #WIN.

8. Did you REALLY have to show Twitter screenshots of your rant in your notes app?

If you can't post your rant about how Target didn't have the specific dog food you were looking for so you had to drive all the way down the street to Wal-Mart & get your dog food there instead in 140 characters or less, it isn't Twitter worthy. If you HAVE to post your rant, post it on Tumblr or Facebook. More people will read it there, anyways. You may even get a few comments from your great aunt telling you how sorry she is for all that trouble you had to go through!

I hope y'all enjoyed this!


*Please know that this entire thing was one big joke. While these are things that go on in my head while scrolling through social media, I know that not all people think this! I just thought it would make for a lighthearted & witty blog post that people could relate to.

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