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I have a passion for hearing stories from others. Whether it's how they got to where they are, the impact someone has had on their life, their relationship, or anything in between, hearing stories from others has always fascinated me. Because of that, I had the idea to start a blog series where I interview local people & businesses in the greater Nashville area to hear their stories.

The first person in this series is Adam Erickson, who is currently the Entertainment Manager at Rocketown.

I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I had talking to him!


How did you first hear about Rocketown? When did you get involved with them? How long have you been with the company?

I first heard about Rocketown forever ago. I used to tour a bunch with friends. Punk rock used to play there a lot because it was only the venue for them. I got involved after finishing a tour at the beginning of last year. The booking manager had just left & a buddy called me to tell me about job.*

*Erickson said that coming from touring to being Entertainment Manager helped him to see a different side of the industry.

Have you seen a community impact from Rocketown? If so, when was the first time you saw a true impact being made in the community because of Rocketown?

This past year we've seen teen suicide. We successfully prevented 3 suicides. We put an emphasis on developing a relationship with them. We treat them like people instead of kids. We don’t see them as young people, just people. We respect & appreciate them.

Rocketown does a lot of great things for Nashville, but especially for the youth. How have you seen the youth grow in the Nashville community because of Rocketown?

We're small community at the moment. We're currently rebuilding because of turnover that happened in the past year. I’ve been there for a year, so I haven’t seen kids from a lot of years. But tons of those kids [that have now grown out of our program] now have jobs & are donating back to Rocketown.

What is your favorite part about being a part of Rocketown?

Not having one specific job! I get to be a jack of all trades, especially in my position--booking shows and being with kids & getting interns. I also use the skills of the kids I’m working with to benefit Rocketown.

Who is your favorite performer that has come to Rocketown?

- Phoenix Red

- Benjamin Poss (Erickson said he's like the male version of Lady Gaga!)

- Regular of the Obscene (skaa band)

What exciting events does Rocketown have coming up that you would like to share?

Annual Rocketown’s Got Talent! There's going to be 20 kids, all in high school. It's for any type of talent that isn’t a band (magic, dancers, singers, etc.).

The event is 3/23 & you can buy tickets at Rocketown's website or Rocketown’s Facebook page.

It may sell out, so get your tickets in advance!


I want to say thank you to Adam Erickson for allowing me to interview him! I hope y'all enjoyed this post & look forward to more like this in the future!


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